Hairline Embroidery


Scalp rendering technology (HFS) is a kind of color pigment to the scalp skin is the technology of the dermis, coloring, after the completion of look and feel like a hair follicles, through NPM Israel exclusive research and development system of roller spring driven by cross weaving on the roller with a bunch of 56 needle. By moving the scroll wheel on the scalp, the formation of pigment dots of similar hair follicles. Using specially designed pigment and application methods, to create the highest like real simulation effect, is recognized as the world of similar products in the most advanced treatment. 



NPM scalp rendering technology (HFS) USES a special pigment, according to the need for treatment of the scalp surface range situation at that time, the effect of treatment of skin and want to build, with different size of needle, with different color depth, Angle, color pigment and distribution density of course of treatment.

NPM scalp rendering technique (HFS) is a very high fine technology, can be created with a fine hair highly similar to natural effect. We elaborate the scalp coloring was conducted in head directly, general follow-up complementary can maintain3-5 years after 1 time. Treatment effect is referred to as the ultimate modern hair loss solutions people from all walks of life.

ZA老师引入全球独家专利技术~HFS头皮仿真毛囊技术(专利注册号 61-561-949),NPM国际质检报告


技术的基本概念是将色素颜料渗透到头皮模拟出短头发发根假像。一直以来,将色素渗透到头皮的标准方法是使用一种单针注入模式,是一个漫长、 痛苦又耗时的过程而且效果一般。 现在, NPM 专利革命滚轮取代了旧式单针注入模式并把疗程的时间大大缩短了 90%,而且效果更逼真更出色 。




  • 国际统称SMP的英文全写为Scalp Micro Pigmentation( NPM-HFS ) ,是一种利用专用色素着色于头皮皮肤真皮层的技术,着色完成后,观感有如头发毛囊一样。
  • 只需短短幾个小时可解决,秃顶,斑秃,头发稀少,伤疤修复,植发伤疤修复,立竿见影,一步到位,以达到脱发区域伪装成头发浓密的效果。
  • 瞬间让头顶浓密起来,简单无痕无需护理,看上去像刚剪了一个短短的平头或者寸头的感觉一样。
What is SMP( NPM-HSF ) 
SMP: Internationally referred to as Scalp Micro Pigmentation. SMP ( NPM-HSF ) is a technique that utilizes special organic pigments to color the dermal layer of the scalp. After the coloring is complete, the look and feel will be similar to hair follicles. Baldness, alopecia areata, thin hair, scars from hair planting/accidents can be resolved in just a few hours, achieving a hair thickening effect in each hair loss area. SMP instantly produces a hair thickening effect on the top of the head, without leaving scars or needing further maintenance or care. The effect will be undifferentiable from a skinhead.


  • 很多客户会把纹髮和纹身混为一谈,产生误解,非常严重的阻碍了人们的接受,可以明确的告诉您。
  • 纹髮NPM所使用的儀器,针头都是特制工具,有专利认证,与纹身完全不同,差别巨大。
  • 纹髮使用的是头皮专用色料,分子颗粒更细腻,颜色不会变异,并且操作的皮层也比纹身浅一些,不会伤害到毛囊,且纹髮的技术和概念明显高于纹身。
Hairline embroidery is not equivalent to tattoos - it is BETTER than tattoos
At first impression, many customers mistake SMP( NPM-HSF ) for tattoos which greatly hinders the acceptance of this treatment. However, we would like to reiterate that SMP( NPM-HSF ) is not a tattoo art. The instruments used in SMP ( NPM-HSF ) are special tools developed by NPM and have global patent certification; entirely different from the tools used by tattoo artists. Hairline embroidery uses a pigment developed specifically for the scalp that suits the extremely delicate molecular granules and prevents color mutation. Additionally, the layer of skin that SMP works on is slightly shallower than in tattoos in order to avoid managing the hair follicles. The technique and concept required in hairline embroidery is significantly higher and more delicate than that in tattoos.


  • 紋髮所用的色素非常特殊,全世界只有以色列生产,这种色素是植物性有机色素,是哑光碳元素基底色,人体中的各种组织都是由有机物组成,而有机物中都含有碳元素最多
  • 所以他是一种健康安全的色素,色素根据一套7-9个黑灰阶配色,适用于大部分不同肤色的客户,包括苍白至银发,都可以仿真出来,而且纹髮色素里面不含其他既定颜色,所以他的色阶退化是在黑灰之间。
  • 紋髮和纹眉类似,都属于半永久的微创手法,在创伤等级中只有纹身的十分之一
  • 所以在美国,发廊都可以自由操作,不必有医疗资质,因为他没有既定伤害报告
  • 如果有人知道女生做纹眉的就更好理解。 并且纹髮的下针深度和毛囊还有一半距离,另外纹髮时下针位置也不存在有毛囊,而且色素本身和毛囊没有接触可能,所以纹髮不会影响自身毛发。
Will hairline embroidery cause any harm or side effects to the body?
The pigment used in the SMP( NPM-HSF ) is unique and only manufactured by NPM in Israel. The pigment is a plant-based and organic with its base component being matt carbon element. As the tissues in the human body is composed of organic substances, which contain a large amount of carbon, the SMP( NPM-HSF ) pigment is considered a healthy and safe as it is naturally accepted by the human body. The pigments applied are based on a set of 7-9 black-gray shades suitable for different skin tones - even rare shades such as pale while and silver can be mimicked using the SMP ( NPM-HSF ) pigments. Additionally, as the pigment does not contain other basic colors (e.g. red, blue yellow etc), the fading (after 3-5 years) of the pigment colors will only run between black and gray.
SMP( NPM-HSF ) is similar to eyebrow embroidery are both part of the semi-permanent make-up category which emphasizes on “minimal invasive techniques”. The damage done by semi-permanent make-up on the skin is only 10% of what a person experiences when getting a tattoo. Till today, there are no known injury reports due to SMP; hence, even in countries such as the United States, hair salons can freely provide SMP ( NPM-HSF ) without the need for medical qualifications. A person that has done eyebrow embroidery will also find it much easier to understand SMP( NPM-HSF ) . In a SMP treatment, the needle is injected into the skin such that it is only reaches half the distance between the scalp surface and the hair follicle (i.e. it will never damage the hair follicle). Additionally, the needle will fall in a position where there is no hair follicle, prevent the pigment from coming into contact with the hair follicle. Therefore, this treatment neither damages or affects the clients’ hair.


  • 紋髮所用的色料是植物性有机色料,主要成分是碳元素,会根据身体的新陈代谢慢慢的淡化,但会越来越自然。
  • 我们预计,在身体健康、免疫系统正常的客户进行完整的纹髮后,效果可维持3-8年左右,在此之后只需要简单补色,即可保持如新。

How long can the SMP ( NPM-HSF ) treatment last?

SMP ( NPM-HSF ) uses a plant-based organic pigment and its main component is carbon. As the colour will slowly fade due to the body's metabolism, it becomes more natural as time goes by. For a healthy client with a regular immune system, the effect a full SMP treatment can be last for around 3-5 years. Generally, only a simple supplement color treatment is needed to keep it fresh.


  • 是的可以
  • 纹髮能大大改善过去植发手术留下疤痕的可见度。 疤痕掩饰的程度视乎纤维组织本身。
  • 混入疤痕周围的头发后,植发疤痕便较难察觉,在大部分个案中几乎无法分辨。

Can SMP 
( NPM-HSF ) cover hair scars?

Yes, it can. SMP ( NPM-HSF ) can greatly camouflage the visibility of scars left by previous hair transplants. Additionally, the hair around the hair scar will further aid camouflage effect and the scar will almost be invisible after the SMP( NPM-HSF ) treatment for most clients.



  • 是的可以
  • 纹髮色料是一种极细微颗粒,可以用激光去除,以纹身色料去除难度10为例,纹髮色料去除难度只有3
  • 但是去除色料远比纹髮本身痛苦,所以在选择纹髮上,必须要考虑你的需求,切不可满目选择
  • 以目前国际统计,想要去除纹髮色料的人士不到千分之一。
  • Can SMP pigment be removed?
    Yes, it can. The pigment is made up of very fine particles that can be removed with a laser. By putting this on a scale of 1-10, if the difficulty of tattoo dye removal is 10, then SMP pigment removal difficulty will only score a 3. However, the removal the SMP pigments will be more painful SMP treatment itself. Hence, we recommend every client to consider their own SMP needs carefully before undergoing the treatment.  However, according to our records, less than 0.1% of SMP customers have requested for SMP removal.


  • 痛楚感觉视乎个人而定。 有客户会在纹髮时会睡着,也有另一些客户在疗程进行期间,感到太阳穴和耳朵上方痛楚。
  • 具体情况视乎个人而定。 大部分客户表示,若以1至10来痛楚程度评分,痛楚度约在3至5之间。 简单理解为被蚊子叮咬

Will a person feel pain during SMP treatment?

From our experience, the level of pain varies according to an individual’s tolerance level. Some customers have fallen asleep while SMP treatment is conducted while on the other extreme, a few customers have felt pain in their temples and ears during treatment. If we use a scale of 1 to 10 to rate the level of pain, majority of our customers rank it between 3 and 5 which is equivalent to being bitten by an ant.


  • 紋髮的发展在国外相对来说比较成熟和流行,
  • 香港及新加坡发展因为受到传统观念和纹身概念的混淆,造成了很多人对纹发产生了误解,难以传播和接受,
  • 国外的脱发患者,常常把纹髮当做一种修饰和治疗脱发的手段,纹髮简单易行和效果明显。
  • Chief hairdresser Zasa pointed out that although SMP is relatively mature and popular abroad, it is much less developed in Hong Kong and Singapore. The reason for this is largely attributed to the traditional stereotyping and views of tattooing. This has led to some misunderstanding in the SMP, slowing down its spread and acceptance rate. The truth is that SMP is actually very simple and effective and many hair loss patients abroad have used SMP as a treatment to solve their hair loss problems.
  • 新事物的发展,是科技的创新和技术的进步,必定有其群众基础和先天的优势,纹髮给脱发人士带来了福音。
  • 当你尝试各种方法无效失败后,不要放弃和绝望,试着去尝试和接受一些新的事物,了解了解纹髮,给自己一个机会,说不定会得到意外的惊喜
  • 紋发专家因应脱发朋友的实际情况和需求,有针对性的制定解决方案,结交朋友,交流帮助,我们会根据自身的脱发经历,竭尽所能,提供真诚的建议和经验。

SMP is truly the voice of hope for people troubled by hair loss. Even if you have failed after trying multiple different hair loss solutions, do despair or give up. If you are willing to give yourself a chance to accepting new things and learn more about SMP, you might be surprised by its results. Based on their experience, our hairline embroidery experts will develop tailored solutions and provide you with genuine advice specific to each of our client’s situations.

Our experts use pigment colors that matches the customer’s hair color when embroidering customer’s hairlines. The uniqueness of this procedure is that the result is natural as it resembles actual hair strands that have grown on the treatment area.


Using SMP, the customer experiences the same effects of a hair transplant without the need to go through a surgical procedure. Thin, long lines will be applied one by one to the outer skin of the scalp, flowing in the same direction as the client’s actual hair. Our experts will custom the design to fit the customer’s current hair condition to give off a thickening effect. However, this effect is not easy to produce (especially for balding or fully bald heads) unless an experienced hairline embroidery expert with skillful techniques perform the procedure.


Lastly, not only is SMP safe, it is also much more reasonably priced as compared to hair transplants; making it popular among many hair loss customers today.



- Individuals who generally have thin hair and would like the “thickening effect”

- Individuals who have thin hair around their forehead, making their forehead appear too big, or appear to have empty have patches of hair

- Individuals whose occupation require them to maintain a trendy or professional hair style (E.g. Flight attendant, Ballet dancer, office secretary etc.)

- Individuals who are constantly applying shadow or black hair powder or make-up on balding patches on their foreheads